A finance and advisory outfit that seeks to channel private and public funds into high potential - low risk projects and businesses. We invest in entrepreneurs, and organizations by helping define and developing their strategies, collaborating and raising funds for key initiatives while helping manage their reputations. We do this by working with state agencies, finance institutions, financial and strategic investors to structure and manage project focused funding and business advisory programs.

Investment Criteria

  • Experienced and committed management team
  • Competitive position with ability to maintain or grow margins
  • Compelling operating fundamentals
  • Significant potential for long-term growth
Investment Criteria
  • Proprietary products or services
  • Emphasis on growth equity, recapitalisations and special situations.
  • Clearly defined competitive advantages and core competencies
Global Network of Investors & Partners

Access to a network of investors and companies and to co-financing capabilities.

investment discipline
Rigorous Investment Discipline

Selective investment process. Post-acquisition management with clear objectives. Supporting companies in improving their governance.

Adapted Exit Strategies

Focusing on Africa’s mid-to-long term potential to reduce risk and volatility. Exit strategies adapted to our partner companies’ priorities.

Exclusive Partnerships

Long-standing local relationships. A majority of our portfolio investments are proprietary transactions.